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. Trash-free Reality Act of 2679 Notice Dimensional Regulations
Interdimensional Junks tend to collect. For some unknown reason, they choose to accumulate on my hard-drive! Sometimes I move them to this depository. Here then, for your scavenging enjoyment, some junks.

S oftwares & source codes
The Al Bhed Debabelizer - This program will decipher and encipher Al Bhed to and from English, respectively. Al Bhed is a "language" used in Final Fantasy X. This program was written for PCs running Windows. It was completed on 2002.06.06 and is Freeware. It has been tested under WindowsXP and Windows2000. If you right-click the program's title-bar and choose About..., you'll get more info about it.

See a screenshot (8.7k, don't be afraid ;). See another (15k).
Grab the program [14KB].
Grab the source [98KB].

A OL Instant Messenger Knick-Knacks
Buddy Icons for AOL's Instant Messenger - If you like an icon, click it while logged on to AIM and a box will pop up to ask if you want it as your icon.

If you want personalized text on this icon (e.g. "Smite Bob"), download this file [17KB] and follow the direction included. You'll need Adobe ImageReady.

Something different: Add an audio icon to AIM. This is the darkside's theme from Star Wars ... an old favorite. Have a test listen [5KB].

AIM Extended Profile / Visitor Log PHP script - AIM's profile has a limit on the amount of characters allowed. Using AIMvilog, you'll create a link in your AIM profile which a profile-visitor can click to get an extended profile. This will load in the same profile window. Additionally, you will be able to know who clicked to your extended profile. Sneaky little script, ain't it? :)

AIMvilog [2KB] - To use this, your server must be able to parse PHP scripts. HTML knowledge of anchor-tag manipulation is needed. PHP knowledge not necessary. Directions is included in the Readme.txt.

G ame Data
Blizzard's WarCraft II BNE - Herein lies PUD map(s) for the game. Only one entry for now. More to come later ... maybe.

Mirkwood [19KB] - I tried to make it look like Mirkwood (following Tolkien's map as best as I could). Fun for 3 players versus one devious computer opponent. Defeat the evil Smaug! :)

That's it for now. Thanks for checking out the Junk Depository! When more dimensional flotsam and jetsam wash ashore this reality, I'll stash it here. Please come again.

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